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Workers Comp Group Rating Program

With workers’ compensation costs rising in Ohio, it is more important than ever to understand the strategies available to help you protect your bottom line. Along with ACCA Ohio, the PHCC Ohio group rating program allows members with good safety and claims records to pool together to enjoy discounted workers’ compensation premiums.

Our program, administered by Frank Gates/Avizent, offers multiple tiers of savings levels, ranging from 15% up to the BWC's new 65% maximum discount (equivalent effective group discount after break-even factor is currently 51%) off premiums. The savings add up! Over the last 10 years PHCC Ohio members, together with ACCA Ohio Members, have saved an average of $1.8 million each year.

  • Group-Rating Safety Accountability  Each year Ohio employers have the opportunity to participate in BWC’s Group-Experience-Rating Program or Group-Retrospective-Rating Program. While these programs are not required, they do provide you with an opportunity to significantly reduce your workers’ compensation premiums, while increasing your awareness of safety and risk-management strategies. Click here for more information.
  • The ultimate key to controlling workers’ compensation costs lies in preventing workplace accident in the first place. The Ohio BWC can help employers do that. The 2014-2015 Safety Services Catalog describes the collection of free programs, services and resources available to help keep employees safe.
    The catalog is available electronically at https://www.ohiobwc.com/downloads/blankpdf/SafetyServicesCatalog.pdf. This electronic version is easily searchable by specific term/terms using the CNTRL + F keys.
    Or, copies of the Services Catalog (DS23) can be requested by visiting our web site at https://www.ohiobwc.com/employer/forms/publications/nlbwc/SafeHygPubs1.asp.
  • Grow Ohio Incentive Program - To encourage job creation in Ohio, the Grow Ohio Incentive Program will provide new employers in Ohio the option of receiving a 25% discount on their worker's compensation premiums, or electing to participate in the Group Rating Program within thirty days of making an initial application for workers' compensation coverage.  Click here for more information.
  • Let BWC help you prevent workplace accidents.  View a list of Safety Articles for your use.


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