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Specialty Contractors PAC- We continue working very hard to make Residential licensing a reality this year.  Our bill is ready and our lobbying team in Columbus has spoken to several potential sponsors.  Our membership needs to be engaged now and begin working to educate elected officials who believe in and support residential licensing and what our industries do.

A strong PAC representing the P-H-C and HVACR industries is no longer a luxury; its a necessity.  In todays political climate we cannot afford to be without a strong voice  we need PAC contributions so our voice is heard  the stronger our voice, the more influence and access we have.

We’ve made a contribution and we hope you’ll join us.  Any contribution  $25, $50, $100 or more  makes a significant difference in our efforts.

Jim Haberek, PHCC Ohio President 2014-2015

Rob Fetz, PHCC Ohio Past President 2013-2014


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